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Hello world!

Welcome to Trash Robot recommendations section. On this page you can listen to a Podcast and find helpful banners to support you on your journey online. Here at Trash Robot we pride ourselves on what we know.

Traffic exchanges are a great way to earn clicks from real people to your sites. They generate a spike in traffic, so with that said is best to promote other traffic exchanges. That way over time you can build an almanac of places where you can drive tested traffic. Some of these traffic exchanges convert through login ads, others give website visitors in a iframe rotator, most have banners and text links. Is up to you to test to find out which site and what style converts best. See the banners advertised on this page, well they are ones we here at Trash Robot use to generate a boatload of traffic that converts in the various ways already mentioned. Have fun with them and be sure to contact me at these places once you have joined by clicking banners and signing up.

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