Guild Chat App: Earn Plat, Receive AirDrops, Getting Started with Wallets

GuildChat App is easy to use, has a lot of educational things to play with and has a large community of supportive people interested in gaming with digital currencies.

GuildChat helps me find out about currencies. It seems there anyone can start a currency and launch it nowadays. Companies see these coins as way of branding. You can if you have the resources create a coin, launch it to the masses and widely distribute in various ways. Other procedures seem to include competitions handing out your coins to leaders online for them to offer.

Spreading messages on social media has always been popular. GuildChat seems to be a go to place where all this rallying begins. Early adopters are always at the cutting edge of new launches. These leaders have the new coins, they may have even invested in company brands. Coin sites online sell and give away coins. In three months you often see them rise and fall. So is exciting, I imagine bit like the wild west was back in the 19th century.

The developers of Guild Chat are promising to update the App very soon. I recommend you join for three very important reasons.

  1. Download the App and set up all the educational goodies.
  2. Join as many groups as you can to receive airdrops (coins in wallet to build interesting portfolio).
  3. Learn about receiving, giving and contributing in appropriate ways online.

There are other reasons why I recommend GuildChat. If you do join be sure to search for robbwindow and add me there as a friend. Message me and say you read Trash Robot and I can help you, I might even send you an interesting airdrop of coins.

Things crucial to moving coins are taught on this site. There is a scale of coins during launch, also coins have a White paper. A white paper explains what a coin may do in the future. Introduces you to the organisation behind the coin. Other sites label info as FAQs. Knowing this stuff really helps archive the coins, even when a coin flops or never goes past TRC10 (which is the first stage of a coin) a record and where to find will always help.

I want you to think of GuildChat as a pantry of coins. Ingredients you might need one day. As you open these cupboard’s your curiosity should fuel learning more online. Search around, start copying, pasting, labeling and blogging like I am here. Honestly it is a mine field, nothing to worry about, is just no one seems to have anything relevant to say about what they are playing with.

Like Top 40 music around the world countries have here own lists. These lists are mainly when the coins hit the market. At the TRC 10 level is exciting because its easier to move into a wallet of your choice. At this level is free. This is good because you do not need fuel to move currencies from one wallet to another. Etherium is one needed and the other is TRX (Tron).

Once you get a feel of GuildChat, ongoing popular TRC10 – TRC20 coins you can start voting. Voting counts and helps keep these early adopted coins a float. Most votes can get a boost from crypto philanthropists. More investors will purchase coins. On GuildChat this is good because if you login at the right time, active in the right groups, you can flood your wallets with start up company coins. Is nice, just nice, please don’t get side tracked by the profitability index. Think more about networking, etiquette and the journey. Like me you have a hell of a lot to learn. When it happens free lessons make you a better person. Online has gone well beyond Facebook. With these skills you can teach your gran, mom n rest of family a thing or too.

GuildChat App on Twitter.


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