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Litecoin is worth around $300 plus each one. I not really sure what it is for but mining it is very easy. Not quite as easy as mining Pi, however it can be mined from your phone. In this post I share a couple of sites you can mine Litecoin. By now my hope is you already have a wallet. In that wallet you will see Litecoin (LTC) you will need to get your receive code to join these two sites. Mining may take about a month for free before you can transfer to your wallet. Mining is done on the websites. Please do not delete your cookies if you are going to mine. Yes you can mine on your computer but as some of you know this required access to beefy servers that need cooling and use a heap of electricity. The mining sites I want you to join avoid all this nonsense.

If you still have not got a wallet yet for this get one. I recommend two. One is Waves and other is a nice mobile App called Monarch. I will blog about these too here on Trash Robot.

Ready to start mining Litecoin LTC with your phone. Then here goes. First one is easiest because it logs you out less. (Please concentrate mining out home or where you have WiFi connection (library, uni, school, bus, tube etc).

The second is:

Litcoin is worth dollar, is doing well rising above all the noise of other crypto currencies. Is real easy to mine on the phone and I recommending it like a commodity trader would recommend silver, gold being BTC. Litecoin is defo up there with Etherium.

Litecoin Miners


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