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Chilled Mix

This is my chilled Mix compiled in July 2020 over on Spotify and yes it is Drum & Bass. Hope you enjoy it, let me know in the comments if you enjoying it.

Hi my name’s Robert Bridge admin here on Trash Robot. In this mix I have shuffled through various tracks in this genre here in the UK we call drum and bass. Expect high hats, drum rolls, melancholic lyrics and relaxing beats.

Compiling music like this is easy for me, especially in the drum and bass genre. I been listening to drum and bass since about 1991, around that time I’d get a ferry to Liverpool and party there. People like Carl Cox would DJ on three decks, over the years younger DJ’s are taking the reigns. For this playlist I chose mainly new tracks from artists I recognise and placed them in an orderly playlist for your delight. Is traditional electronic drum and bass with various siren sonar noises. Jump into the submarine sound of drum and bass, keep shuffling.

Things I like about this playlist.

Is got DJ Rap on the third track, she’s cool. Met her in Brighton back in 94 outside the Beachcomber event. The place was like an elephant stampede. I like DJRap because she helps wolves in USA someplace, you can join their email list for that. You get emails throughout the year now and again with nice pictures of wolves.

Someplace in playlist is a track by Commander Strange who did some really clever tracks back in 2000. Past few years every track he churns out is amazing. His electronic melancholic influence has frankly shaped the tracks chosen in this easy listening drum & bass chill mix.

Also some nice lyrics, nothing to gaseous, just enough to help the beats roll of your earlobes. Great thing about Spotify is listening walking about. Download playlists or add them to other Apps which DJ or shuffle in an order of the speed of all the tracks. Pyro is one such App. So with that said without further ado I put the playlist below. Be sure to hit me up on Social Media. If you leave a comment use your name and be sure to connect your email address with a favicon account for WordPress sites. Is just nice to put a face to whoever is speaking. And please your name not a product or service or it gets lost in spam filters.

If music is your thing, perhaps you like jazz, house or higher tempo sounds be sure to have a flick through. If you have Spotify, support artists on playlists by downloading to your device because I think that is the way they get paid and rise in the Spotify charts. Stay cool, keep shuffling.

Chilled Mix compiled by Robert Bridge.
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