Electronic Trance Mix

Electronic Trance Mix

Electronic Trance / Spotify
A playlist compiled in August by Robert Bridge This is a relaxing trance mix compiled towards the end of the covid-19 crisis. If you like relaxing electronic music I am sure or hope you will find some value in the tracks compiled here on Trash Robot. The great thing about Spotify Playlists is you can save them in the App, this means you do not need an internet access to listen, great for pay as you go users. Some contracts here in the UK offer an annual free premium Spotify membership which is a great way to experience having a music collection in your pocket on a device. There is a really helpful community there which will help you improve your knowledge of new music. I cannot speak highly enough of this application. My favourite thing about having an account is its free from the 30 minute advertising intervals, also you can also compile your own playlists which you can share on Social Media with friends and associates. Ferry Corsten plugged this app over three years ago and I been hooked ever since. Spotify has been around for a while. And like many of you I was happy seaching YouTube. Since that time three years ago YouTube has come out with its own YouTube Music which maybe good if you preferred video playing juke boxes at say the bowling alley. If you have a dog and like listening to music when out and about Spotify is great because it blends or mixes in the tracks within a twelve second window, I not sure if iTunes does this mixing. Many of you are on iPhone and happy paying iTunes, I would suggest searching in iTunes for any tracks you hear and see here and add that to your collection. Equally if you are using neither create a Spotify account for free with the join now Facebook button and like and follow playlists that way you can find them for future reference, additionally the iPhone App Pyro mixes playlists even better just link your Spotify account free or otherwise and listen on that iPhone App, you’ll need an internet connection though either mobile contract or at home connected to wifi.

Electronic Trance Mix July 2020

Electronic TranceElectronic Trance

Electronic Trance Tracklist (Aug 2020)

Anything (Starseekers) – Pull n Way
Hunting(Kidnap)-Ben Böhmer, JONAH
youweregoodtome(shallou) – JeremyZucker, ChelseaCutler
What It Takes – Kyau & Albert
The Magician – Eelke Kleijn
Mo Chara – Ferry Corsten, Ciaran McAuley
BetterOne(Roman Messer)-CortiOrgan,SarahDeWarren
Alive – Chukiess & Whackboi, Amin Salmee
Stars Collide – Andrew Rayel,Robbie Seed
elise – Gareth Emery
Together (Rise) – Markus Schulz, Jared Lee
Angels- Dennis Sheperd
The Last Goodbye – Orjan Nilsen, Matluck,Prism
Idontknow – Jamie xx
Meant to Be- Polli Ji
Ensemble – Charlotte de Witte
I Found You – Solarstone, Meredith Call
When The World Stops Turning – Chris Malinchak
Hypercolour – CamelPhat, Yannis
Matcha Mistake – Lane 8,Kidnap
Eyes Of My Mind – Axel Boman
Harder feat.Talay Riley – Tiesto, KSMR

Hope you enjoyed this electronic trance mix.

Electronic Trance Mix
Electronic Trance Mix Spotify Playlist July 2020


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