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Graduate of media and language
Between 2006 and 2010 Robert managed to obtain a bachelors degree in media studies & English language. In media Robert Bridge looked at branding, semiotics, journalism and film studies. English language studies helped Robert Bridge get more acquainted with teaching languages. Robert Bridge looked at linguistics, grammar, media texts and many other comprehensive ways of both teaching and learning. It was good fun and highly recommend studying as well as meeting interesting people.

An executive reflective summary
Four years later folks online ask me the same question about my business plan. They also inquire about how my studies has helped me to do things. During my studies I made some great contacts. They gave me some good advice and consistently keep me up to date with whats going on in the world. This has reshaped my views on how I see the world.

The only executive summary I can provide is I have all round skills thanks to these past few years communicating and mainly listening to the worlds greatest marketers, media minds, archivists and Western social media experts.

Over this time I have picked up some basic skills: writing, reporting objectively, coherent communications to various types of people. I also always developing and integrating new ways of simplifying, explaining and developing ideas. And I respond in helpful ways via popular online mediums.

Featured posts and recognition online
Online my favourite way of communicating has been blogging and this is where most of my recognition has been discovered. I have a basic ability with video making free software and enjoy keeping up to date with what is happening over on Youtube. Big fan of the radio and have spent many long hours editing my own audio experimentations with Audacity, Wavelab and Garage Band. From coaching episodes to simple DJ podcasts on

For writing I have been featured a few times on websites, mainly because of my ability to find and design cutting edge templates with WordPress. My hope is they were featured to for the good content I have provided. Some of the information I research is timely, other times have been ahead of its time and occasionally information that I have wrote is timeless.

The strategies I have used to market my own stuff has been current with whatever is popular. Times change, methodologies change, things disappear but I am still here and you may come across me in various guises.


What I provide is friendship, online support and advice.
I love meeting people who have done and represent extra ordinary things and feel very blessed when they ask me for advice about how to do things online. I have always done my best to deliver value to people with my responses once I know you, like you and follow you. Have a good understanding of online etiquette and am hoping to Geographically explore all the places and images shared which continue to inspire, like and motivate us all who know and share these things too. If you just want to get from a to b I can help with that too.♣

Helpful Links

  • Hemingway App Great for editing articles in nice paragraphs
  • Charlieapp – Shows public info on email addresses
  • contactout.com ContactOut is a simple browser extension that helps you find email addresses and phone numbers of anyone on LinkedIn
  • Emailhunter – Public email addresses info of a company based on the url
  • Discoverly – LinkedIn profile social media connections to help say 1st  Hiya
  • Rebump – Gmail App that automates emails every 4 days

I wrote these last two articles this morning with the help from this websites writing tool. #MMC #SpeedWriter

— Robert Bridge (@robertbridge)

About Robert Bridge

Robert Bridge is the founder of Robert Bridge mobi and the CEO of Trash Robot which was established in 2007.

Robert Made his first website in 2003 on Bloggers now known as Blogspot. Web design user of Wix, Moonfruit, Livejournal and Yahoo. You can find me answering questions over on Q Yahoo answers, E zines, Facebook and Twitter. Here is my CV PDF hosted here on this site.

I login occassionally  to Kred (social), Klout, Buffer App and Hootsuite. Robert has a great understanding of social media and social networking surrounded by amazing networkers, marketers and business leaders. Robert is qualified and able to explain, leadership and be an assistant for any teacher as well as explain media old and new.

Overtime Robert Bridge has developed strategies in all these things and is currently trying to help other people lighten the load. If you are looking for great advice, want to find ways to strategise your business structure or promote various products you will find Robert has an answer or knows somebody who does and willing to refer people to the right bodies.

Address: 1G Chesnut Road
N17 9ES

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