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Relaxing Songs

Relaxing songs from an underrated generation of musicians.
Robert Bridge • 1 like • 64 songs, 4 hr 18 min
True Friends
Jerry Fish & The Mudbug Club
Be Yourself Mar 18, 2021

Relaxing Songs / Spotify Playlist – Robert Bridge.

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Earn free Bitcoin Online

Hi my name is Robert and I here to help.

Earn free Bitcoin Online. In this article learn how to Earn free Bitcoin Online, Make free Bitcoin Online, Mine free Bitcoin Online, Store free Bitcoin Online, Exchange free Bitcoin Online, Fill in surveys Online Earn Free Bitcoin, Visit websites and earn free Bitcoin. This article is what I have learned in 2019. is very easy if you know what to do. I have solved most of the puzzles for you and provided the pieces in an order which will set you up for a while. This is not a quick make money online plan. You will be able to get free BTC, ETH, TRX, DOGE and many more.

Make free Bitcoin Online
In order to make free bitcoin you are going to have to sign up to some sites. When you join these sites they will ask you for a payment address, this will be from your wallet. Is good to have wallets first so you can fill in details straight away. This is not going to happen overnight because it takes a few hours to create, verify accounts, wallets and earn from faucets. Different sites suggest different wallets. This plan will give three wallets that I use myself, I have more but I have found a couple cannot be used. On the sites you join through my recommendation you will get enough to get started. Even if you don’t I am going to explain most of what I know which has taken many months of trial and error. In a few days you can start getting small amounts of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies deposited into wallets. The smallest amount available to be transferred varies depending on which currency you want to send, some sites only work on BTC (Bitcoin) others have many coins. This is cool becuase you can mine more per minute and exchange onsite these coins. Also if you so wish or need you can withdraw various coins to do certain things. ETH (Etherium) and TRX (Tron) are two such coins. Bitcoin is worth over $7,000 right now,a few months ago it was worth $13,000. Etherium is worth a lot less about $42 for one ETH measured in GOCS, BTC is measured in Satoshi. For one BTC (Bitcoin) you are going to need 10,000,000 satoshi. So this is definitely not a get rich over night scheme.

Mine free Bitcoin Online

Best site to Mine Bitcoins is ones with Auto faucet miners. One is called and the other right now I wanted you to register with is Express Crypto. You can mine on phones with good processors, please be mindful not to burn out your processor. The phone will heat up, if it gets to much the page you are mining with will crash. You choose lines and when mining depending on how high the numbers per second you should decrease them before the page crashes. Many older phones do not have great processors, so you will need to choose as many lines as possible until you see the numbers build up. Mining is great when you are tired and need a break, is good to monitor what happening though, so its not really a break.

Store free Bitcoin Online
The wallets you need are recommended on each site. Please start with wallet please it works and receives low payments. Not as low and Coinpot which is why I did the DOGECOIN App wallet. The limits are high to withdraw. The problem is does not list DOGECOIN in its coins. Blockchain works great with When you sign up with be sure to save the first email you receive of them it has the login chain number, is a login series of numbers and letters separated with dashes. If you create a folder in your email call it something new like login folder or crypto. The other wallets I use as Apps on various phones is i: TronWallet and Waves. TRON (TRX) has all the TRC10/20 coins for gaming, to move these coins you need TRX fuel so you need TRX, there you can also, trade, experiment, vote, exchange and trade coins. The ETH wallet stores similar sub section coins created by anyone really, some fail, others go on to continue doing practical things. This can make the price worthy of exchanging, also keeps the coins other than BTC above water (holds its price) DOGE is one ETH coin I think.

Exchange free Bitcoin Online
You can exchange currencies on, Coinply, and within the wallets you have coinbase and TRX tron is another one where exchanges happen. If you want to have fun and start of easy receive airdrops from Guildchat, Telegram pages and Twitter competitions.

Fill in surveys Online Earn Free Bitcoin
Surveys, games, questionnaires, watching videos are all daily tasks that contribute to the majority of coins you will earn. That said activity is key, if you let this slide your account may close. Keep logging in and doing the tasks the sites ask you to do. Have a Twitter account and like posts from these sites. This helps you get noticed by moderators, which I think is a good thing. Perhaps I will share about this at a later date. Main thing is look to codes to enter there to receive monthly bonuses any and all credits add up. Always have in your minds eye that 10,000,000 satoshi thing. Ten million is a lot. Getting 1-2 dollar of Bitcoin a week in the beginning is good, because you have a lot to learn and need to build perpetual motion. If you have a fistful of free Bitcoin you can begin doing other things like trading, exchanging currencies and multiplying accounts. If you want to get started from nothing this is the route, you will if you persevere get enough to play around with. Try not to get distracted by rolling numbers or gambling on games unless you know you are going to win. Sport betting is one such example, if its your team and you know they are doing well, get in there invest small percentages. I guarantee your maths will improve too, perhaps your already really good at maths, this should serve you really well too. So please do keep me posted on Twitter at @robertbridge or @trashrobot

Visit websites and earn free Bitcoin

Join to click and earn coins. Coinpot has its own eco system of sites which help you regularly visit the sites linked to coinpot. It will take ages using this, which is why I recommend withdrawing DOGE coin it is cheap so you can withdraw quickly, this will give you confidence and instant gratification. Rumours about the coin are a mixed bag, some people say Elon Musk loves DOGE or DOGECOIN is the one with the dog on the website. I have a DOGECCOiN wallet on Android phone. Be mindful it takes 48 hours for you coin to show in your wallet. Using free methods comes with a couple of miner setbacks that you will see across the board. Admin need to engage the transaction. Please understand there have I have seen sites come and go, many of them have disappeared, lots of hours get wasted, which is why I write. But please understand, like the wild west things change and sites hosted up-sticks, run out of funding or get worried about changes around the world in legislation’s. So speed of implementation is key.

Please join these sites to earn by visiting, be sure to login regularly, daily is best. Each site can take up to an hour to do all the tasks, so get ready you are going to be busy as anything. If you just join one or two once you get routine, more energy and perpetual motion you will want to do more. Be mindful this factory type activity can put you to sleep so start of slowly. Concentrate on things that work, and if in doubt search the internet for solutions and answers. Mainly you’ll be solving captures and pressing return. Please use as many smart phones as you have, breaks up the monotony of it all. Also you can do two tasks together whilst waiting for one another to load.

Solving captures on site in house you have a 30-60 minute window to wait daily. The more in-house captures you solve the more bonuses daily you can claim. Say five a day, is good, twenty a day and you looking at a nice bonus. Not as big as what you get for completing surveys and actions, but is good to do what the site recommends. They all have chat boxes and for chatting daily you get a small bonus so out of habit do this too. The community often drop pearls of wisdom, new sites sprouting up all the time. Stay focused though please, I want you to develop new habits.

To clip sites and earn points again you have to deal with pop ups, pop unders. Sites serve you ads and in return they solve complicated crypto equations which pay you coins. Is a bit like mining only takes getting used to. There are loads of sites that serve different pop ups. is annoying and very frustrating at first, but once you know how to get through it and back to the site that sent you, you can do that daily knowing what you are in for.

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Guild Chat App: Earn Plat, Receive AirDrops, Getting Started with Wallets

GuildChat App is easy to use, has a lot of educational things to play with and has a large community of supportive people interested in gaming with digital currencies.

GuildChat helps me find out about currencies. It seems there anyone can start a currency and launch it nowadays. Companies see these coins as way of branding. You can if you have the resources create a coin, launch it to the masses and widely distribute in various ways. Other procedures seem to include competitions handing out your coins to leaders online for them to offer.

Spreading messages on social media has always been popular. GuildChat seems to be a go to place where all this rallying begins. Early adopters are always at the cutting edge of new launches. These leaders have the new coins, they may have even invested in company brands. Coin sites online sell and give away coins. In three months you often see them rise and fall. So is exciting, I imagine bit like the wild west was back in the 19th century.

The developers of Guild Chat are promising to update the App very soon. I recommend you join for three very important reasons.

  1. Download the App and set up all the educational goodies.
  2. Join as many groups as you can to receive airdrops (coins in wallet to build interesting portfolio).
  3. Learn about receiving, giving and contributing in appropriate ways online.

There are other reasons why I recommend GuildChat. If you do join be sure to search for robbwindow and add me there as a friend. Message me and say you read Trash Robot and I can help you, I might even send you an interesting airdrop of coins.

Things crucial to moving coins are taught on this site. There is a scale of coins during launch, also coins have a White paper. A white paper explains what a coin may do in the future. Introduces you to the organisation behind the coin. Other sites label info as FAQs. Knowing this stuff really helps archive the coins, even when a coin flops or never goes past TRC10 (which is the first stage of a coin) a record and where to find will always help.

I want you to think of GuildChat as a pantry of coins. Ingredients you might need one day. As you open these cupboard’s your curiosity should fuel learning more online. Search around, start copying, pasting, labeling and blogging like I am here. Honestly it is a mine field, nothing to worry about, is just no one seems to have anything relevant to say about what they are playing with.

Like Top 40 music around the world countries have here own lists. These lists are mainly when the coins hit the market. At the TRC 10 level is exciting because its easier to move into a wallet of your choice. At this level is free. This is good because you do not need fuel to move currencies from one wallet to another. Etherium is one needed and the other is TRX (Tron).

Once you get a feel of GuildChat, ongoing popular TRC10 – TRC20 coins you can start voting. Voting counts and helps keep these early adopted coins a float. Most votes can get a boost from crypto philanthropists. More investors will purchase coins. On GuildChat this is good because if you login at the right time, active in the right groups, you can flood your wallets with start up company coins. Is nice, just nice, please don’t get side tracked by the profitability index. Think more about networking, etiquette and the journey. Like me you have a hell of a lot to learn. When it happens free lessons make you a better person. Online has gone well beyond Facebook. With these skills you can teach your gran, mom n rest of family a thing or too.

GuildChat App on Twitter.
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Mine Pi: Easiest Mining Crypto Currency

Pi is an idea from students currently studying at Stanford University in America.

I submit Pi first on my list of cryptocurrency plans because it is the easiest to do. The App connects you to Stanford University servers every 24 hours all you have to do is open the App and click a button, that’s it! Inside the App is a chat box where you can learn quality info from around the world. They are building a larger team quickly and looking for coders, developers and other technical solution based people with knowledge.

The recruitment process is going on within chat rooms. You can currently network with over 500,000 people via chat. Some people answer questions you might have, others promote the recent opportunity offers available around the world to mine digital currency’s.

The main coins people talk about is Bitcoin or Etherium, so look out for anything to do with these two. I do recommend some sites to mine here on Trash Robot. But please understand although similar none of them are as easy to mine as Pi.

Pi is still in stage one so if you are reading this is 2019 and join through me (you have to be referred) you can think yourself an early adopter, a pioneer as it were of Crypto space.

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Obtain Free Cryptocurrencies: AirDrops, Twitter & Competitions

Free Cryptocurrencies Episode with Joel Comm.
Getting started gaming by obtaining cryptocurrencies.
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What is TRON TRX?

Justin Sun interview about TRON TRX.
Crypto Podcast with Joel Comm. This podcast explains Tron TRX a unique exchange blockchain currency.
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