Mastercoin Mining Monero

Join Me over on Mastercoin where we will be mining coins. Here is my referral link. When you join be sure to send me an email saying your up and running.

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In order to make a deposit, go to this page

If you want to make a recharge using xmr, find the currency you need and click on it.

Next, you need to click the “generate address for replenishment” button.

After that, you will see the wallet number, copy it. Go to the website of your payment system and make a transfer to the wallet number that you previously copied.

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Mine Pi: Easiest Mining Crypto Currency

Pi is an idea from students currently studying at Stanford University in America.

I submit Pi first on my list of cryptocurrency plans because it is the easiest to do. The App connects you to Stanford University servers every 24 hours all you have to do is open the App and click a button, that’s it! Inside the App is a chat box where you can learn quality info from around the world. They are building a larger team quickly and looking for coders, developers and other technical solution based people with knowledge.

The recruitment process is going on within chat rooms. You can currently network with over 500,000 people via chat. Some people answer questions you might have, others promote the recent opportunity offers available around the world to mine digital currency’s.

The main coins people talk about is Bitcoin or Etherium, so look out for anything to do with these two. I do recommend some sites to mine here on Trash Robot. But please understand although similar none of them are as easy to mine as Pi.

Pi is still in stage one so if you are reading this is 2019 and join through me (you have to be referred) you can think yourself an early adopter, a pioneer as it were of Crypto space.

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