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  • Dash of Feminine Pepper

    Dash of Feminine Pepper



    Dash of Feminine Pepper Spotify Feminine Pepper https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3WEVlKrHoK0Suio6raYd8m?si=f1a60ebdfa95455b YouTube Music – Dash of Feminine Pepper https://youtu.be/1n5_myj8DZ8?list=PLVHv3AggimM6ZOktShki8ZGwY1XkRtxJc

  • Popular Rap

    Popular Rap

    Popular Rap Music compiled over on Spotify for Trash Robot by Robert Bridge. All new or recent music. Popular Rap1 About Me – Basto 2:422 Certified Hit – Tarna Blamo, Byg Byrd 2:193 Freedom Over Fame – Ali Kulture, Bossman 2:594 Spilled Milk – Bizzy Crook 2:205 Quicksand – Cae Cartier 2:106 heaven$ of hell$…

  • Cratediggers


    Spotify Playlist Cratediggers created in August 2022 and compiled by Robert Bridge. A mixed back of tracks old and new of various genres. Cratediggers1 Get Serious – Cut n Move 3:492 Watch Out – Ray Keith & DJ Dextrous DJ D’Cruze 4:303 Mr. Kirk Your Son Is Dead – Deadkirks 5:144One In Ten – Edit…

  • Mellow House

    Mellow House (July 2022) 1 Let It Go – Steve Bug, Cle 6.332 Vibes – Dimmish 3:193 One More Time Worakis Remix – A van Buuren, Maia Wright 3:524 Love Leon (Italy) 5:235 The Attention Deficit Track – Skream, Jackmaster 3.486 Speed Trials on Acid (Feat Dan Diamond) LF System Remix – Carl Cox, Fatboy…

  • Pop Music #21

    Robert Bridge • 34 songs, 1 hr 58 min Easy On Me – Adele Animal Ellie Goulding All Goes Wrong – Acoustic Chase & Status, Tom Grennan bad guy Billie Eilish Big Yellow Taxi – Live from Spotify Studios NYC Rita Ora Spotify Singles Cold Heart – Elton John, Dua Lipa, PNAU Can’t Take My…

  • Techno Oct 21

    Techno Spotify playlist uploaded back in )ct 2021 by Robert Bridge.

  • Techno May 22

    All the hits, techno top 40 from aroundglobe. Is always nice to listen. May thething be with you. 💫Robert Bridge • 21 songs, 2 hr 8 minhttps://open.spotify.com/playlist/5h78Ic4IKIsFLHcVr06umB?si=bfbce4bc59994da9

  • Techno 21

    Relaxing techno. house and trance music. 49 Tracks. Over 5 hours.https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0cjO2DvM7YUpCFV5PyilwH?si=c01c260b046b4818

  • Funky House Sept Spotify



    An uplifting mixture of funky house tunes in a Spotify Palylist for your enjoyment. This playlist is good if you like traditional House Music, is a safe enough mix or new tracks with towards the end some classic Italian House tunes. Faithless have a new dance track which I have included because it is house…

  • Spotify Techno Mix July



    Techno Late JulyA Spotify Playlist compiled byRobert Bridge (userid: 11528678) A Spotify Playlist compiled by Robert Bridge for Trash Robot listeners. For three years consistently for you I have compiled music of various genres to help you pass the time, focus more on games or just fill in the void whilst mining coins online. For…

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