Dash of Feminine Pepper

Dash of Feminine Pepper

Dash of Feminine Pepper Spotify
  1. Under Pressure – Andrew Bayer, OLAN 6:58
  2. This Girl Is Gone – R Plus, Faithless, Amelia Fox 3:22
  3. Hang On – Le Youth, Gordi 3:25
  4. Losing My Mind – Tritonal, HALIENE, djimboh 3:55
  5. LIGHTWAVES – Benny Benassi, Anabel Englund 2:21
  6. Cimmerian – Lipless, Blue Noir 3:36
  7. Tighter (feat. Jalja) – CamelPhat Remix – HOSH, Jalja 3:54
  8. It’s All So Incredibly Loud – Kelly Lee Owens Remix, Glass Animals 3:37
  9. Timeout – Ferry Corsten, Dustin Husain 2:55
  10. Let’s Go Dancing – Ampersounds, Fred Falke, Zen Freeman 6:51
  11. Escape – Spencer Brown Remix Kx5, deadmau5, Kaskade, Hayla 7:20
  12. Just Us – Sasha, Pumarosa 7:08
  13. Pattern – Le Youth, Sultan + Shepard, Emily Falvey 4:12
  14. The One – NGHTMRE, KLAXX 3:06
  15. Alone – Lipless, Blue Noir 3:50
  16. Baby Don’t Go – EOliver Malcolm 2:32
  17. New Chic – Ellis Miah & Vynl Club Mix
  18. Kelli-Leigh, Ellis Miah, Vynl 5:00
  19. I Was Made For Lovin’ You (feat. Nile Rodgers & House Gospel Choir) – James Hype Remix Oliver Heldens, Nile Rodgers, House Gospel Choir, James Hype 3:21
  20. Glorious – All Saints 4:09
  21. You Got The Love – New Voyager – The Source & Candi Staton 3:13
  22. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore – Rose Royce 4:07
  23. Black Barbies – Nicki Minaj, Mike WiLL Made-It 4:14
  24. Lost Without You – Kia Love x Vertue – Freya Ridings, Vertue, Kia Love 2:31
  25. Lavender’s Blue – Mediæval Bæbes – 3:00
  26. In the Country – Cliff Richard & The Shadows 2:44
  27. Don’t Look Down (feat. Natalie Shay) – Grum, Natalie Shay 5:07
  28. There For Me – Amonita Remix – Marsh, Amonita 3:20
  29. Whiteout Days – Doppel Remix – Lost Desert, Doppel 7:03
  30. Easy Lover – Four Tet Remix – Ellie Goulding, Four Tet

Spotify Feminine Pepper

YouTube Music – Dash of Feminine Pepper

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Popular Rap

Popular Rap Music compiled over on Spotify for Trash Robot by Robert Bridge. All new or recent music.

Popular Rap
1 About Me – Basto 2:42
2 Certified Hit – Tarna Blamo, Byg Byrd 2:19
3 Freedom Over Fame – Ali Kulture, Bossman 2:59
4 Spilled Milk – Bizzy Crook 2:20
5 Quicksand – Cae Cartier 2:10
6 heaven$ of hell$ – Tre’ Armani, Shina Mack 3.34
7 Bambi – Karri, Kalan, FrFr 2:34
8 Obsessed – Calvin Harris, Charlie Puth, Shanseea 3:46
9 Ferrari – James Hype, Miggy Dela Rosa 3:06
10 Rollercoaster – Burna Boy J Balvin 3:07
11 Last Last – Burna Boy 2:52
12 Fantasy – D Block Europe 2:36
13 No Remorse – Ghost Killer Track, wewantwraiths 3:32
14 Static Rain – Gangsie, Birdy 2:55
15 What Would You Do? – D Brown, Amp Fiddler, Folamour, Andria 4:30
16 Energy – Amp Fiddler, Waajeed 4:33
17 Black Star Dancing – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds 4:21
18 Billie Jean – Chaka Demus & Pliers 5:07
19 Cha Cha Slide (Hardino Mix) – Dj Casper, Killer Mike 3:07
20 Palaces (Mount Kimbie Die Cuts Remix) – Flume, Damon Alban, Zelooperz, Mount Kimbie 3:24
21 Bird Calling – Mark Ronson, Damon Albarn, Wale 3:24
22 NO MÁS (feat. Quavo, E Murda Beatz, Anitta, J Balvin – 3:16
23 Troppytop – DJ LEWIS, Smokepurpp 2:08
24 Legacy Part 2 – Birdz , Miss Higgins 3:23
25 Talk About Me – Dot Da Genius, Denzel Curry, JID, Kid Kudi 3:05
26 Come on Lets Go – Nigo 3:19
34 Dim The Light – JavyDade, Jet Grover, Dashius Clay 3:04 35 Can’t Sleep- Sophia Grace

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Spotify Playlist Cratediggers created in August 2022 and compiled by Robert Bridge. A mixed back of tracks old and new of various genres.

1 Get Serious – Cut n Move 3:49
2 Watch Out – Ray Keith & DJ Dextrous DJ D’Cruze 4:30
3 Mr. Kirk Your Son Is Dead – Deadkirks 5:14
4One In Ten – Edit – 808 State, UB40 2:46
5 Milky Way – Ram Trilogy FABRICLIVE 06: 3:48
6 Toxygene – The Orb 3:37
7 Rinse Out – Mixed DJ Hype, Ganja Max 1:40
8 Paradise – Goldie, James Davidson The Start of No Regret 4:59
9 Breakout – Goldie, James Davidson 4:29
10 So Good – Instrumental – Vital Elements, Micky Finn 5:56
11 Some Justice – Mickey Finn, Aphrodite, Urban Shakedown 3:31
12 Bass Shake – Aphrodite, Micky Finn, Urban Shakedown 5:05
13 The Horn Track – Mickey Finn, Egyptian Empire 6:15
14 Are We In – D’Cruze 6:0
15 Life – D’Cruze 6:02
17 Off-angle – Askei, Askel, Elera, Unglued, PAV4N 4:32
18 Pussy Cat – DJ Yoda 3:35
19 Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me) – Train 4:19
20 Someone You Loved – Lewis Capaldi 3:02
21 Grapejuice – Harry Styles 3:11
22 Hold My Hand – Lady Gaga 3:45
23 I Aint Worried – OneRepublic 2.28
24 Apologize – Timberland, One Republic 3:04
25 Beneath Your Beautiful – Labrinth, Emili Sande
26 Massive – Drake 5.36

Cratediggers is a Spotify playlist compiled this year by Robert Bridge for Trash Robot listeners. This includes friends on Instagram and anyone who needs some music in what they do.

crate diggers music

A “crate digger” is a term used to refer to a person who enjoys searching through record crates or boxes of vinyl records to find rare or interesting music. This can involve digging through stacks of records at record stores, garage sales, or flea markets, looking for hidden gems or hard-to-find tracks. Some crate diggers are music collectors, while others are DJs or music lovers who enjoy discovering new music in this way.

Famous crate diggers
There are many famous crate diggers, including DJs, musicians, and record collectors. Some well-known crate diggers include DJ Shadow, who is known for his skill at finding and blending obscure tracks; J Dilla, a legendary hip hop producer who was known for his extensive collection of vinyl records; and Gilles Peterson, a renowned DJ and radio host who has been collecting records for over four decades. Additionally, many famous musicians, including Kanye West, Questlove, and Jack White, are known to be avid crate diggers and collectors of vinyl records.

Crate diggers online
There are many online communities and forums for crate diggers, where people can share their finds, discuss their favourite records, and learn about new music. Some popular online destinations for crate diggers include Reddit’s r/cratedigging subreddit, which has over 50,000 members, and the Crate Diggers Facebook group, which has over 13,000 members. Additionally, there are many online record stores and marketplaces that cater to crate diggers, such as Discogs and eBay, where people can buy and sell rare and hard-to-find records

The most famous crate digger compilation ever
It is difficult to say which crate digger compilation is the most famous, as this can vary depending on personal taste and individual preferences. Some well-known crate digger compilations include DJ Shadow’s “Preemptive Strike,” which was released in 1996 and features a mix of rare and obscure tracks that Shadow discovered while crate digging; J Dilla’s “Donuts,” which was released in 2006 and consists of tracks that Dilla produced using samples from his extensive collection of vinyl records; and Gilles Peterson’s “Brownswood Bubblers,” a series of compilations that feature a mix of obscure and underground tracks that Peterson has discovered through his crate digging adventures.

1 Get Serious – Cut n Move 3:49
2 Watch Out – Ray Keith & DJ Dextrous DJ D’Cruze 4:30
3 Mr. Kirk Your Son Is Dead – Deadkirks 5:14
4One In Ten – Edit – 808 State, UB40 2:46
5 Milky Way – Ram Trilogy FABRICLIVE 06: 3:48
6 Toxygene – The Orb 3:37
7 Rinse Out – Mixed DJ Hype, Ganja Max 1:40
8 Paradise (feat Goldie, James Davidson) The Start of No Regret 4:59
9 Breakout – Goldie, James Davidson 4:29
10 So Good – Instrumental – Vital Elements, Micky Finn 5:56
11 Some Justice – Mickey Finn, Aphrodite, Urban Shakedown 3:31
12 Bass Shake (Rele) – Aphrodite, Micky Finn, Urban Shakedown 5:05
13 The Horn Track – Mickey Finn Foghorn mix, Egyptian Empire 6:15
14 Are We In – D’Cruze 6:0
15 Life – D’Cruze 6:02
17 Off-angle – Askei, Askel, Elera, Unglued, PAV4N 4:32
18 Pussy Cat – DJ Yoda 3:35
19 Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me) – Train 4:19
20 Someone You Loved – Lewis Capaldi 3:02
21 Grape juice – Harry Styles 3:11
22 Hold My Hand – Lady Gaga 3:45
23 I Ain’t Worried – OneRepublic 2.28
24 Apologize – Timberland, One Republic 3:04
25 Beneath Your Beautiful – Labyrinth, Emili Sande
26 Massive – Drake 5.36

The future for crate diggers
The future for crate diggers is uncertain, as the popularity of vinyl records has been declining in recent years, while digital music has become more prevalent. However, there is still a dedicated community of crate diggers who continue to search for and collect rare and interesting vinyl records, and the popularity of vinyl has been increasing in recent years, particularly among younger people. Additionally, the rise of online marketplaces and communities for record collectors has made it easier for crate diggers to connect with each other and share their finds, which could help to keep the hobby alive. Overall, the future for crate diggers may be uncertain, but there will likely always be a dedicated group of enthusiasts who continue to search for and collect vinyl records.


Mellow House

Mellow House – Spotify Playlist (Robert Bridge)

Mellow House (July 2022)
1 Let It Go – Steve Bug, Cle 6.33
2 Vibes – Dimmish 3:19
3 One More Time Worakis Remix – A van Buuren, Maia Wright 3:52
4 Love Leon (Italy) 5:23
5 The Attention Deficit Track – Skream, Jackmaster 3.48
6 Speed Trials on Acid (Feat Dan Diamond) LF System Remix – Carl Cox, Fatboy Slim 3:02
7 1982 Lauer Remix – Freudenthial, Jack The Rapper 5:44
8 Cumbia Buena – Cladigal 2:21
9 Streets Of Havana – AINT, Strobe
10 This Is My House – Tom Wax, conscious 2:16
11 Anodyne – Tom Wax, conscious 6:38
11 lOnDn – EMBRZ 3:52
12 Happy Station 12” – Fun Fun 7:14
13 The 12″ A Little Longer – Groove Armada, Paris 7:84
14 Full Crate – Fro
15 Fly Like an Eagle – Thundercat2:58

Mellow House Music 🪷·robbwindow (Jan 2023 UPDATE)

  1. Pinwheel – James Shinra
  2. Nu World – Solomun Remix – Maceo Plex, Solomun
  3. Human – Emmit Fenn
  4. Vibes – Dimmish
  5. Forever – AmyElle Remix – Icarus, AmyElle
  6. The Attention Deficit Track – Edit – Skream, Jackmaster
  7. Rumble – Skrillex, Fred again.., Flowdan
  8. 1982 – Lauer Remix – Freudenthal, Jake The Rapper, Lauer
  9. Situation (&ME Remix) – Rochelle Jordan, &ME
  10. Speed Trials On Acid (feat. Dan Diamond) – LF SYSTEM Remix
  11. A Little Longer – Edit – Groove Armada, Paris Brightledge
  12. lOnDn – EMBRZ
  13. Yellow – Lipless Remix – Emmit Fenn
  14. Let It Go – Steve Bug, Cle
  15. One More Time – Worakls Remix – Armin van Buuren, Maia Wright
  16. Love – LEON (Italy)
  17. Happy Station – Original 12” – Fun Fun
  18. Control – Emmit Fenn
  19. Cumbia Buena – Cladigal
  20. Streets Of Havana – AINT, Strobe
  21. This Is My House – Original Mix – Tom Wax, concious
  22. Anodyne – Tom Wax, concious
  23. Fly Like An Eagle – From ‘Minions: The Rise of Gru’ So
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1 Better Late Than Never – Streetlights 3:52
2. Confessions of an Ageing Disco Dancer – Emily Breeze 3:32
3. Fading Affect – Lossline 5:34
4. S.O.S. (Sawed Off Shotgun) – The Glorious Sons 3:15
5. International Coffee Shop (poem) – Kelsy Karter
5. Liquor Store On Mars – Kelsy Karter
6. Give Yourself A Try – The 1975
7. Cover You – The Hunna, Travis Barker
8. I’d Rather Die Than Let – The Hunna
9. The Horrors – The Hunna
10 Live at the Witch Trials – The Fall 0:51
11. Love Is As – BBC – The Passage
12 Glastonbury 2000 (Live)- David Bowie 5:28
13. Rocket Man – Elton John
13 Honky Chateau 7 days ago 4:41
14. Polythene Pam – The Beatles
15. Handbags And Gladrags – Stereophonics
16. Sledgehammer – Misty Sam 80s Remix Covers 3:39
17. Copenhagen 2021, Vol. 2 – Kenneth Bager 5:11
18. One Shots – Papa’s Stoned – Ian Ossia 7:30
19. Heart of Glass – Radio – Gisele, Bob Sinclar 3:04
20. Music Saved My Life – Dimitri From Paris, Fiorious
21. She Drives Me Crazy – Fine Young Cannibals, Cerrone
22. Just A Ghost – (Vintage Culture) 3:10
23. I Want The Night – The Juan Maclean, Heide 6:44
24. Don’t Make Me Wait – Bomb The Bass, Lauraine 4:17
25. Thing For You – E David Guetta, Martin S 5:34
26. What if earth would turn – Agoria, Niño de Elche 4:12
27 Date Night – Chromeo 3:08
28. When It Hits Home – Arcade State, Invisible Square 6:36
29. Daughter of Darkness – The Merchants 2:59
30. Carpe Diem – Afflecks Palace 3:00
31. Frankie – The Crooks
32. John Lennon Is My Jesus Christ – Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard 2:09
33. Eleanor – Red Rum Club
34. Always – The snuts
35. Club Sabath Laurie Vincent Remix – Baby Strange
36. Saturday Night Caesar – Beafets
37. Jon Snow Skit – Jposey
38. Double Up (feat. Belly & Dom Kennedy) – Nipsey Hussle
39. Wade’s Number 3 – JavyDade, YJ, Dashius Clay
40. Twist & Turn (feat Drake 7 PartyNextDoor) – Popcaan
41. Hall Of Fame _ The Howl & The Hum
42. Love Und Romance – The Slits
43. Slits Tradition – The Slits
44. love yourself (spend forever) – cookie
45. Ritual Destruction – Never Not Nothing
46. Love Life – King Creosote
47. Apes-Ma – Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
48. Owed T’Alex – Captain “”
49. Tropical Hot Dog Night – Captain “”
50. Fembot in a Wet T-Shirt – Frank Zappa
Indie – Is your Birthday Mix


Pop Music #21

  • Robert Bridge • 34 songs, 1 hr 58 min
  • Easy On Me – Adele
  • Animal Ellie Goulding
  • All Goes Wrong – Acoustic Chase & Status, Tom Grennan
  • bad guy Billie Eilish
  • Big Yellow Taxi – Live from Spotify Studios NYC
  • Rita Ora Spotify Singles
  • Cold Heart – Elton John, Dua Lipa, PNAU
  • Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Jessie J
  • Ke Alo O Iesu – Israel
  • Kamakawiwo’ole – Wonderful
  • Free – From Disney’s “The One And Only Ivan” Charlie Puth 9
  • Wish U Were Here – Pale Waves
  • It Ain’t Me, Babe – Band Of Skulls
  • Start – Ellie Goulding, serpentwithfeet
  • You Mean The World To Me – Freya Ridings
  • Mood (feat. KHEA) – Acoustic – E Rita Ora, Imanbek
  • How To Be Lonely – Live From London
  • For You (With Rita Ora) Liam Payne, Rita Ora
  • I Found You – The Wanted
  • Grease (Is The Word) – Jessie J,
  • Lost Frequencies, Calum
  • Essence (feat. Justin Bieber & Tems) WizKid,
  • When You’re Out (feat. Mae Muller) Billen Ted
  • Finally – Crazibiza Remix Nicola Fasano, Kate Wild
  • You – E Regard, Troye Sivan, Tate McRae
  • that way – with Jeremy Zucker Tate McRae, Jeremy Zucker
  • Mimi Webb 26 Seven Shades of Heartbreak
  • Don’t Break the Heart Tom Grennan
  • How Will I Know Whitney Houston, Clean Bandit
  • Love Me Like You Do – From “Fifty Shades Of Grey” Ellie Goulding
  • Cold Heart Acoustic – Elton John, Dua Lipa
  • People Get Ready – Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart
  • S.O.S. (Sawed Off Shotgun) E The Glorious Sons 32 S.O.S. (Sawed Off Shotgun)
  • Turn – Recorded at RAK Studios, London – E The Wombats
  • Mirror Sigrid 34 Mirror (Kelly Lee Owens Remix)

Funky House Sept Spotify

An uplifting mixture of funky house tunes in a Spotify Palylist for your enjoyment. This playlist is good if you like traditional House Music, is a safe enough mix or new tracks with towards the end some classic Italian House tunes. Faithless have a new dance track which I have included because it is house music. I getting better at keeping the correct genre, so enjoy please.

Robert Bridge Spotify Playlist Funky House

Funky House User iD 11528678

Stronger – Kiz James, Ali Love
Naked – Hayla, Ben Pearce
Sueno de Solentiname – M. Negra, Rampa
This Feeling – Faithless, Suli Breaks, Nathan Ball
Stardust – John Dahlback
From the Start – Sonny Fodera, Biscits
Running – StoneBridge, STHLM Esq, Michel Young
Tear It Up – Solardo, P Woolford, P Fernando
The World Can Wait – Paul Oakenfold, Luis Fonsi, blklght
Stand By Me – Victor Martelli, Elias Goca
Can We Live – Jestofunk, Ce Ce Rogers, Luca Guerrieri
Birdie Girl – Alex Hook, Oxana Yu
Two Hearts – Zola Blood, Jacques Greene
Ursa Minor – Kidnap
Never – Theo Kottis
Feel the Rhythm – Jinny
Never Give Up – Jinny, Kelsey
Labyrinth – Musumeci, Phunkadelica
Inner Peace – Nightwave, Posthuman
Drama Darling – Planningtorock, Channel Show
Forever Always – Gene Farris, DJ Rae
Real Love – Wongo, Mia Milla
Rolling Stone – Laidback Luke, David Goncalves
Do It This Way – J Worra
Hands Up – Martin Ikin, Noizu, Fast Eddie

Spotify Playlists compiled by Robert Bridge Funky House User iD 11528678

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Rap Mix Spotify Playlist

Rap Mix – Robert Bridge A Spotify Playlist compiled in August 2020 for gamers, parties, dj’s to enjoy. Please be mindful because many of the songs contain explicit language and swear words.

Rap Mix Aug 2020 Spotify compiled by Robert Bridge.
Rap Mix / Aug 2020 – Spotify Playlist
Robert Bridge (admin) Trash Robot

Rap Mix – Robert Bridge • 1 hr 55 min

On The Run = Thutmose
Tide Pepp – Smokepurpp, Jack Harlow
Big Bags – Yung Pinch • Back 2 The Beach
Recession Proof – Yo Gotti
Cold – French Montana, Tory Lanez
Circles – Deno OFB, Bandokay & Double …
Baguetti – JID & Kenny Beats, Smino, Baguetti
One Hundred – King Tuzi, Fella • Tuzi Szn 2, Legend, French Braids, Brandyn Burnette
Cushty – Guvna B
Nebular Soldier – Sa-Roc, Slick & Rose
Move Ya Hips – Nicki Minaj, MadeinTYO, A$AP Ferg
On My Shit – Snow Tha Product
WAP – Megan Thee Stallion Cardi B
Broken Bricks – Tails, DROELOE
Only You Freestyle – Headie One, Drake
I Don’t Sleep – Lil Wayne, Takeoff
X (with 2 Chainz & Saudi) – ScHoolboy
Costa Rica – Dreamville, Bas, JID, Skii Mask The Revenge, Guadad 4000, Reese Laflare, Smokepurpp
Joke Ting – GoldLink, Ari PenSmith
Blessed – Juls, Miraa May, Donae’o
Say Nothin’ – NAHLI, CORE.i
You’ve Got The Love – Florence + The Machine, Jamie xx
2 White Lies – Harrison, Kill The Buzz, Leon Mallett
Angel – Loyle Carner
The Blacker The Berry – Kendrick Lamar
Down Bad – JID, Bas, J. Cole, Dreamville
Location – Burna Boy, Dave
Budy Bye – Johnny Osbourne
BackToTheFuture – GENIUS,Rare Sound, Miguel Fresco, True Story Gee
always – Lil Bird
Make Me Feel – Skip Marley, Ari Lennox

Hope you enjoyed the Rap Mix Spotify Playlist a collection of tunes from around the world.

Rap Mix compiled by Robert Bridge. Artists rapping from around the world.
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Chilled Mix 🥁🎼 DnB Spotify

Chilled Mix 🥁🎼

This is my chilled Mix compiled in July 2020 over on Spotify and yes it is Drum & Bass. Hope you enjoy it, let me know in the comments if you enjoying it.

Hi my name’s Robert Bridge admin here on Trash Robot. In this mix I have shuffled through various tracks in this genre here in the UK we call drum and bass. Expect high hats, drum rolls, melancholic lyrics and relaxing beats.

Compiling music like this is easy for me, especially in the drum and bass genre. I been listening to drum and bass since about 1991, around that time I’d get a ferry to Liverpool and party there. People like Carl Cox would DJ on three decks, over the years younger DJ’s are taking the reigns. For this playlist I chose mainly new tracks from artists I recognise and placed them in an orderly playlist for your delight. Is traditional electronic drum and bass with various siren sonar noises. Jump into the submarine sound of drum and bass, keep shuffling.

Things I like about this playlist.

Is got DJ Rap on the third track, she’s cool. Met her in Brighton back in 94 outside the Beachcomber event. The place was like an elephant stampede. I like DJRap because she helps wolves in USA someplace, you can join their email list for that. You get emails throughout the year now and again with nice pictures of wolves.

Someplace in playlist is a track by Commander Strange who did some really clever tracks back in 2000. Past few years every track he churns out is amazing. His electronic melancholic influence has frankly shaped the tracks chosen in this easy listening drum & bass chill mix.

Also some nice lyrics, nothing to gaseous, just enough to help the beats roll of your earlobes. Great thing about Spotify is listening walking about. Download playlists or add them to other Apps which DJ or shuffle in an order of the speed of all the tracks. Pyro is one such App. So with that said without further ado I put the playlist below. Be sure to hit me up on Social Media. If you leave a comment use your name and be sure to connect your email address with a favicon account for WordPress sites. Is just nice to put a face to whoever is speaking. And please your name not a product or service or it gets lost in spam filters.

If music is your thing, perhaps you like jazz, house or higher tempo sounds be sure to have a flick through. If you have Spotify, support artists on playlists by downloading to your device because I think that is the way they get paid and rise in the Spotify charts. Stay cool, keep shuffling. 🤘🙋🙇🙆

Chilled Mix 🥁🎼 compiled by Robert Bridge.

Docked ⛽ Spotify Tracklist

Docked ⛽ Spotify Tracklist
Docked ⛽25

Bad Boys Ben Snow & Jappa Remix – Deekline, Ed Solo, Top Cat
Police Officer – Savage Rehab Remix Squarewave Ft Doctor Squarewave, Doktor
Will Remix – Joyner Lucas, Will Smith 20 Seconds or More Doug E. Fresh, Artie Green, Gerry Gunn
Meltdown – Stromae, Lorde, Pusha T, Q-Tip, HAIM
Didn’t Know Better – Lindstrøm , Ronika
It’s Party Time – Bobby Womack
Love Train – The O’Jays
Ten Duel Commandments Anthony Ramos, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jon Rua, Leslie Odom Jr., Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton
Be Kind (withHalsey) Marsh mello, Halsey
Stuck with U (with Justin Bieber)
You (feat. Travis Barker) James Arthur
I Believe That We Will Win – Thombs Spanish Remix Pitbull
He Say She Say – Mulatto
Bed (feat. Ariana Grande) Nicki Minaj
I Wanna Go Outside
Snoop Dogg Revolution
Snoop Dogg, October London
Untrapped (feat. Estelle)Yo Gotti
Sigo Fresh Remix – Fuego, Juicy J, De La Ghetto, Myke Towers, Duki
Ghostbusters WALK THE MOON
Summertime – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
So Many Tears – 2Pac
Mama Said Knock You Out – Olly LL Cool J, Olly Hounds, The Undefeated
Stronger – Sugababes
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger – The Neptunes Remix Daft Punk
Streets Diary – Yungeen Ace, NoCap
Recovery – Yungeen Ace
Freak – Skepsis, TS7
Falling Down (feat. Hak Baker) -The Streets
Heart Food for Hard Times – Nealo, Adam Garrett
ROCKSTAR feat. Roddy Ricch, DaBaby
Dinner Guest feat. MoStack – AJ Tracey
I Dunno – Dutchavelli & Stormzy Tion Wayne
Own It Ed Sheeran & Burna Boy n Stormzy
Life Is Good(feat. Drake) Future
MAMACITA Black Eyed Peas, Ozuna, J. Rey Soul

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